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Can Dogs Have Tums? Are Tums safe for dogs?

can dogs take tums

When it comes to food, dogs are basically aggressive. In fact, they chew and even eat whatever they encounter on their way. This makes a problematic situation for pet parents especially when they find it hard to guard the safety of their dogs all the time.

But as what the famous saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” This just means that if a pet parent can’t guard the safety of his dog all the time, then everything that causes danger must is kept correctly and securely.

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safe for dogs to eat

Yes, dogs can take Tums for an upset stomach. 

Tums in its natural form is calcium carbonate and can be used as calcium supplement. Pepto is approved by many vets and preferred.

Dogs can sniff powerfully, and they can find even well-kept foods at home. Thus, securing every food item is paramount and making them not reachable discoverable by your naughty furry friend.

Now when a dog has eaten something, he or she found at home, and that thing has caused his tummy to become upset, pet parents would often think about giving their dogs an upset stomach remedy such as Tums.

This is a chalky tablet that can be bought over the counter. In its general form, Tums is an antacid and is commonly used to give relief to an upset stomach and acidity.

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Can Dogs Eat Tums? Are Tums safe for dogs?

If given adequately to your dog, Tums may not pose a danger for pets such as dogs. It actually works on animals to relieve and alleviate tummy discomforts and pains.

However, it must be noted that Tums chewable tablets should not be given as a supplement for dogs lacking calcium. This means that you can only make use of this stomach remedy whenever necessary and appropriate.

Are Tums Safe For Your Dog?

The answer is yes. Dogs are practically safe with Tums, but some vets prefer and often favor certain kinds of commercial stomach remedies for veterinary use. Pepto is one of the most favored stomach remedies which are approved by many vets around the world.

In dogs, stomach issues like upset tummy usually resolve and subside on their own. Minor stomach issues do not necessarily require relief from taking pills of a certain kind.

Now if the stomach issue of your dog tends to linger, giving Tums to your furry friend is appropriate. Be mindful of the total weight of your dog before giving him this kind of medicine.

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On another hand, there are pet parents who keep all-natural tummy reliever supplements which are specially-made and formulated for a dog. Since these supplements are all-natural, the occurrence of adverse side effects will never be seen in the process.

Dogs and Tums: Important Tips

can dogs take tums

If you don’t have any other option to help your dog remedy his upset stomach, you can freely make use of Tums. This should not cause adverse reactions once ingested especially when you give him the unflavored version. Other variants of Tums may contain additives like xylitol which can be very harmful to animals.

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So, how much Tums can you give to your four-legged friends? Here plays the role of what is known as the equal proportion. In most cases, the amount of medicine given to a dog is equal to its total body mass or weight. Break the tablets up and give them to your dog whenever necessary. 

For those pet parents with a smaller breed of dogs, Tums should only be minimally given to them. Even a single tablet can become too much to smaller breeds. Proper division of a tablet is essential.

Tums as a Calcium Supplement: Is it Good or Bad?

Tums in its natural form is calcium carbonate. Many pet parents might think that this can be a good calcium supplement for their pet dogs. Well, this is a bad idea.

If your dog eats a well-balanced diet, then this will meet the calcium requirement of your dog. Do you know what will happen to your dog if it gets too much calcium? It will suffer from a health condition known as pancreatitis or other internal complications.

If you think your dog requires extra calcium, then do not make Tums as an alternative because it has a different formulation. Ask your vet about calcium supplements which are specially formulated for dogs and other pets.

Remember that Tums should be used as an antacid and not as a calcium supplement. You also need to keep in mind that all antacids can cause side effects and this goes for your beloved pet too.

What are the Better Alternatives to Tums?


Pureed pumpkin is an effective and safe alternative to Tums. Aside from the fact that it can significantly help in reducing stomach issues, it is also nutritious in every way. Tums can make your pet constipate, but pureed pumpkin can ease digestion and bowel movement.

Another good alternative to giving Tums to your pet is through fasting which is commonly followed by the introduction of mild foods like rice and boiled chicken. You may need the aid of Tums if you found your dog to having difficulty in efficiently breaking down the food that he or she eats.

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Allowing your pet to eat smaller portions is an effective way to improve matters. And you should also keep in mind that Tums is not a long-lasting solution or remedy for dogs.

Dogs with Kidney Problem

Prilosec, Rolaids, Zantac, and Alka-Seltzer are often used by vets to treat dogs with upset stomach especially those with a kidney problem. Vets do not prescribe antacids because they tend to reduce the blood’s phosphate levels which can be very critical and essential in keeping a dog alive. Evidently, consulting an expert can help you regarding this.

Dogs and Tums: Conclusion

Tums, when conservatively and adequately dosed won’t cause harm to your dog. Stomach problems like upset stomach usually resolve on themselves without the need to give your dog medicine of a certain kind. This means that giving Tums to your dog may be unnecessary. 

The use of antacids works effectively on animals as well though they should not be used as a form of calcium supplement. Lastly, calcium carbonate does not provide a long-lasting solution or remedy for your dog.

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