Can Dogs Eat Peas: What You Need To Know

October 14, 2021

Has the thought ever crossed your mind – can dogs eat peas? It is essential for us dog owners to find healthy foods and treats for our pets so that they can enjoy a whole and happy life with us, free

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Why Dogs Eat Grass? The Answer Blows Your Mind!

September 14, 2021

Have you wondered why dogs eat Grass? Dog owners may be surprised to learn that this behavior is widespread in canines. The reasons for eating grass are varied, including being a natural source of nutrients and aiding digestion. Grass also

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Puppies Coughing and Gagging: 11 Causes And Treatments

September 13, 2021

Coughing in your dog is just a natural response of the body to remove something irritating the airway. Usually, the reasons for puppies coughing and gagging are their tight collar or eating, drinking too fast. However, if this repeats persistent and

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Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket?

September 9, 2021

You may be asking yourself if you Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket? Should I? Shouldn't I? What's the correct answer? The truth is, there isn't one answer because it all depends on what type of blanket you

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