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Why Are Dogs So Happy When We Come Home?

Why Are Dogs So Happy when we come home?

Why Are Dogs So Happy when we come home? Why is it that when we come home, our dog’s tail starts wagging, and they seem so happy? Why do dogs love us so much? Dogs are one of the most loyal pets on Earth, and they love unconditionally.

So why is it my dog seems so happy when I come home? It’s because dogs have an uncanny ability to sense how we’re feeling and know what we need.

For example, a dog can tell if you’re tired or sad, even if your body language doesn’t give it away! Why do you think this is?

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • How Dogs Show Love
  • Oxytocin: The Happy Hormone!
  • Why do dogs wag their tails when people come home?
  • Why do dogs get excited when someone comes to the door?
  • How do I calm my dog when people come over?
  • Why do dogs bark when someone rings the doorbell?
  • Why does it seem like dogs are waiting at the door when I come home?
  • Why does my dog urinate when I come home?
  • Should you ignore your dog when you come home?
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Dogs are Social Animals

Dogs are pack animals, and consider your family a pack. Dogs need interaction with other dogs or people to stay healthy, happy, well-behaved, and calm.

Dogs that don’t get out enough can become neurotic because they aren’t getting the mental stimulation they need to feel fulfilled. 

Dogs may also find themselves lonely when left alone for too long, leading to anxiety and depression. 

Loneliness is a common factor in several behavior problems for both humans and pets. Dogs may become destructive when they get bored without another dog around, while others will withdraw from the family as much as possible. 

Dogs that are left alone too much can also become destructive, which is why it’s essential to consider the amount of time your dog spends without you around and make adjustments accordingly. 

Social contact with other animals or humans means your dog has friendly behavior. Being overly excited to see us, humans, at the front door is normal dog behavior.

How Do Dogs Show Love?

  • Licking
  • When the owner returns home, jump over them
  • Following the owner’s lead and seeking reciprocation of love and affection
  • Wagging their tails is a kind gesture that expresses their pleasure

Oxytocin: The Happy Hormone

When dogs see their owners, oxytocin is released, causing them to be overcome with excitement. This powerful chemical is released from your dog’s brain to help with bonding and social behaviors while decreasing anxiety and levels of cortisol in animals as well as humans! Many dogs find it stressful being left at home all day alone and burst into uncontrollable excitement.

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Why do dogs wag their tails when people come home?

Dogs are social animals and see their family as a pack, so they’re happy to see you because you’re part of the pack. Dogs wag their tail when they are happy, so it’s common to be greeted by a wagging tailed puppy. If your dog is wagging his tail, it’s a sign he’s a happy dog and good for his well-being.

Why do dogs get excited when someone comes to the door?

Dogs get excited when someone comes to your door because they are trying to tell you how they feel.

For a dog, if someone comes to the door, it could be because there is an intruder or that you have a visitor. Maybe they want to make sure you do not forget their dinner or that it is time for them to go outside and play. 

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They may be excited because they heard the mailman come by and anticipate a package dropping through the mail slot. When people come over, especially those they know well or are very familiar with, it means there is a chance to play or have some fun. 

In comparison, they may be fully aware that you are not going anywhere, having someone over can help them feel safe and secure in their environment. Dogs tend to get excited when they hear the doorbell or someone knocking on the door.

How do I calm my dog when people come over?

  • Stay Calm: When people come over to your home, you may notice that your dog becomes very excited. Not only will he start barking or whining, but his energy levels skyrocket. While this behavior is expected in some dogs and can be cute at times, there are other instances where it’s a little more concerning.
  • Distract your dog with a toy or treat: There are a few different ways to calm your dog when people come over. The first is by distracting him with his favorite toy or treat, which can sometimes be enough of a distraction that he forgets about the person who just came in.
  • Be consistent: If you’re struggling to keep your dog from barking at every little noise outside, it may be time to make a change. It would be best to start by being consistent in how you act when people come over and try using the exact phrase every time they ring your doorbell or knock on your door.
  • Have someone else take care of him: Another option is to have another person in your home hold or entertain your dog while you answer the door, if possible. This way, he won’t be able to get all worked up, but you’ll still be able to greet your guests.
  • Take him outside: You also could try taking your dog out for a walk or run when people are over. This way, he can exercise his energy off while allowing himself some time alone from everyone else who is in the home at that moment.

Why do dogs bark when someone rings the doorbell?

A dog’s bark is its primary method of communicating. Why they’re barking and what they’re trying to say might be difficult to figure out. When the doorbell rings, dogs bark because the sound startles them.

Dogs that bark at the doorbell aren’t always scared; it’s more likely that they’re excited to greet whoever comes through the door.

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Why does it seem like dogs are waiting at the door when I come home?

Why do we find them waiting at the door when we come home after a long day of work, tail wagging, and a big grin on their face? Dogs have excellent hearing.

They can hear us from far away. They know our cars; they can hear us open the door as we come in. They can smell us coming too! So when dogs greet us after a long day, they’re showing us their love. 

They are so happy to see our families and friends again! Dogs can’t talk like we can, so they have to show us how much we mean to them by showing us their love with wagging tails and happy grins.

Why does my dog urinate when I come home?

Bladder control is more difficult in young dogs and puppies due to their lack of maturity. It’s also more frequent among young dogs and puppies because they haven’t yet mastered bladder control.

You can try speaking calmly to your puppy when you greet them so they are not so excited and can control themselves. Dogs will urinate when they are thrilled and excited to see you. Generally, as your puppy grows up, these greeting behaviors may go away. 

Senior dogs may also experience bladder control as they get older. My dog Sassy would dribble a bit when we picked her up when we got home as a puppy. She grew out of it after the first year.

Should you ignore your dog when you come home?

Studies show that dogs get super excited when their human comes home. So should you reward your dog’s jubilation?

Not according to a recent study on the subject, which found if humans want happy pets, they need to ignore them entirely upon arriving home and not even give them eye contact or attention until they’ve calmed down.

Summary: Why Are Dogs So Happy when we come home?

Many people are curious about how dogs show affection, so this article will be exploring the many ways that dogs express their love.

For example, when people return home to find that their dog is happily waiting at the door for them, it usually means that the dog has missed them and is just so happy to see them again. 

Dogs also communicate with us using sounds other than words. Barking is one of the most common forms of communication for dogs, especially when they hear something new or unfamiliar. Dogs also love to greet us at the door and show their excitement by wagging their tails. 

For your own sake, as dog owners staying calm and relaxed while answering the front door will ensure a well-behaved canine when you come home. Humans simply are dogs’ best friends as much as dogs are man’s best friend.


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