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The Best Dog Houses Review: Top 5 Picks

best dog houses

No matter where you keep your dog: inside or outside, a dog house is always a worthy investment. A dog is considered a member of the family, and it is a part of your daily life. But, your dog also needs its privacy and independence.

That’s why you had better buy a dog house which will protect your dog away from rain and snow on the rainy and snowy seasons, keep it fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. Notably, a portable and temporary shelter will offer a safe and secure feeling for your dog.

Furthermore, according to some animal experts and studies, the best dog house is helpful to train your dog, take care of it and provide it with a more balanced living. Besides, a dog house can maximize the desirable behavior and minimize the undesirable ones in dogs.

You should determine the need of your dog and yours before going to the shop or visiting an online store because, on the market, there is a multitude of dog house products with the different sizes, shapes, materials, and uses as well as quality. Most of these models are pretty expensive, so you should think carefully before giving the last decision.

In this post, I not only provide you with the best dog houses on the market but also give you some related information.

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Best Dog Houses 2020

1. Petmate INDIGO W/MICROBAN Dog House


The Petmate Indigo is stable, so it has the capacity of protecting your dog and the inside away from the severe impact of weather. For example, it can keep a warm environment inside no matter how is the weather outside: snowy, rainy or cold. On the contrary, even it’s sweltering, your dog is still cool inside. The extended doorway is the main part for wind protection and rain resistance.The material of the Petmate Indigo is the hardened plastic. Thus, you can set your mind at rest that this powerful model is not natural to break and damage. Moreover, it also comes with the construction of the heavy-duty structural foam that makes the house stronger.It’s ideal to use this product in the winter because the floor is designed to be raised off of the ground. In particular, the moat around prevents the liquids going to inside. The specific Microban surface covers the outside of the dog house, fighting the stain and odor development which are the causes of mildew, mold, and bacteria. During the hot days, the airflow circulation is essential, and the roof vent of this dog house can provide the ventilation.You can disassemble and set up easily and quickly without needing any help of tools.This model is produced in the USA where is the home to many high-quality products.Regardless of how big your dog is, you have a suitable choice of igloo dog house. Its size ranges from the medium, large, to extra big ones so I am sure your dog can comfortably stand up, lie down even turn around. However, you shouldn’t pick up a too big one compared to the body of your dog because it can’t keep your dog warm always in any condition. In case choosing a too small model can lead to an uncomfortable feeling.


  • Well insulated for cold weather climates
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Can be used for both dogs and cats


  • Rain can get into front entrance

The limitations

  • The vent of the dog house lets water in to get both your dog and blanket wet if it’s rain too much. Therefore, I highly recommend you place a few boards or anything else underneath to remove directly it from the ground.

2. Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House

Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House, Small

Arf Frame has 3 solid sides, providing the better privacy and minimizing the exposure to the exterior elements as much as possible. The design of the peaked wood roof can protect your dog and the inside away from rain or at least it minimizes the rain amount going inside. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has lined sheet in the inside of the roof for preventing any leaks. Thanks to this design, the insulation is better.It’s made from the soft stained white cedar wood, offering the viewers a more beautiful look. What’s more, another outstanding feature of cedar is to repel insects naturally as well as resist the development of mold. Thanks to that, the durability is also increased.You have available 4 sizes (extra-small, small, medium, and large) of ArtFrame dog house to choose so don’t worry how big your dog is.This model comes with an accessory – a self-warming dog pad that can keep your dog warm during the cold days. There are a variety of size and color options.Under the normal condition, the manufacturer gives customers a one-year guarantee about the material and workmanship quality.


  • Affordable price
  • Light weight and solid construction
  • Non-toxic


  • Not insulated. best for warmer climates

The Limitations

  • In spite of an easy-to-read instruction, it takes owners from 25-45 minutes to assemble, and the process requires some tools
  • The cut-out doorway is the only place where provides the ventilation so, in the summer season, you should put this dog house in a shaded area to keep your dog cool always
  • After opening the box, there is a strong smell from the wood, but that is a pleasant smell.

3. ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog House

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace (38.5" x 31.5" x 47.5")

ASL Solutions Deluxe is an insulated dog house thanks to the real foam insulation that can keep your dog and everything inside away from the impact of the bad weather. Moreover, because of the 4-inches insulation, cross-ventilation, and the self-closing insulated door, your dog is provided an environment as comfortable as possible.This model is made from durable polystyrene exterior material, so its structure is sturdy but lightweight, lasting for several years with less maintenance. Plus, the plastic material can resist mold and mildew, minimizing the exposure to bacteria and toxins.There is no need to clean ASL regularly since this dog house is designed a drainage hole and a sloped floor. In particular, it’s ideal to use it during the cold season due to the raised floor off the ground. Your dog can easily see what happens in the yard through a viewing window that can add airflow when essential.For the size of 31.5W x 47.5D x 38.5H inches, this product suits medium and big dogs more.It’s effortless and quick to assemble ASL Solutions Dog Palaces. Grooves in the flooring allow panels to fit tightly and prevent draft.On the coldest months of winter, the accessories of ASL can keep your dog warm always. First, the big ASL Solutions Dog palace floor heater is a water-resistant pad. Next, the solar-powered exhaust fan is perfect for the humid days. Installing this solar-powered fan with efficient energy is easy.The manufacturer guarantees the quality through the lifetime warranty against the breaking and cracking conditions.


  • No leaks reported by Amazon buyers
  • Quality foam insulation
  • Good for all sizes of dogs


  • Not cheap

The Limitations

  • Although the environment inside is warm, when the temperature is below 20, you should prepare some nice cozy beddings or set up the accessories for keeping warm

4. Petsfit Dog House

Petsfit Wooden Dog House

This model comes with 2 color options: red and blue to satisfy the aesthetic sense of the customers. Plus, the size ranges in 4 levels from the smallest (33″L x 25″W x 23″H) to the biggest ones (45.6″L x 30.9″W x 32.1″H). Thus, depending on the size of your dog, you have a suitable choice for sure. However, remember that not all sizes are available in both colors. It’s important to check with the seller before you have a favorite combination of color and size.Thanks to the insulated feature, this model can keep the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.Because Petsfit is made from the kiln-dried cedar wood material, it comes with the outstanding features: heavy-duty, and sturdy. This material has the capacity of resisting to decay and insect pests. The users don’t have even a problem with wood splints thanks to the smooth element.The external parts are painted with a natural color stain that can protect the dog house away from the development of pests. Most importantly, it’s non-toxic and free of odor. Even the natural scent of cedar wood contributes to creating a calming environment without irritation.When it comes to the design of the dog house, the grooved and slanted roof provides the better drainage. Besides, it minimizes the damage to the whole dog house especially the roof. The raised design off of the ground protects it away from the mold and decay.


  • Very Sturdy
  • Quick to assemble (less than an hour)
  • Excellent insulation for colder climates


  • Quality control problems reported

The Limitations

  • Although there are small gaps in the floor, the feet of the dog house can prevent the moisture.

5. Petmate Barnhome III Dog House

Doskocil Petmate Barnhome III, 15-25LBS

The textured slanted roof prevents the buildup of snow and water, so it’s ideal to place this model outside even in the summer or winter. Another feature protects your dog and the inside away from the rain that is the extended rim on the roof of the doorway. The drafts and rain can’t leak because of the solid walls. The design of the raised interior floor keeps your dog warm better during the cold months.In the back, there is ventilation, so the circulation of airflow is much better.Thanks to the smart design, Petmate Barnhome III dog house doesn’t require you to maintain regularly. In particular, it’s straightforward to clean up.You can assemble and disassemble quickly with less effort on your end without the help of tools.The material of this dog house is plastic with structured foam which has the capacity of fighting mildew and molds even pest-infestations.If the size of your dog is your concern, Petmate Barnhome has many options of sizes to chooseIt is produced from American where is popular with the high-quality products all over the world.


  • Affordable price
  • No leaks when raining
  • Perfect for both dogs and cats


  • Not suited for larger dogs

The Limitations

  • Although it’s not as stylish as other models, it’s durable compared to others


It’s not easy to pick up the winner in this roundup of the best dog houses. However, in my opinion, the ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog House is my recommendation. Although it’s pretty expensive, this is a worthy investment. The inside space is ample enough for a big dog or 2 small puppies. The insulation is highly rated so you can keep it outside even in the winter or summer. The sturdy structure doesn’t require your regular maintenance. In particular, for the specific design, you can set up this model quickly without needing to put too much effort on your end. The manufacturer also provides their customers the lifetime warranty against the breaking and cracking conditions.

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor dog house?

The outdoor dog house:

The best outdoor dog house must have the strictly practical capacities. That means its space is comfortable for your dog to stand up, sit down or lie down even turn around. It has to be a sturdy shelter that can protect your dog away from all weather (rain, wind or snow). It’s better if the dog house comes with the bug-resistant feature. Another element to consider an outdoor dog house is an aestheticism. Of course, it is ranked behind the usable capacity.

The indoor dog house:

This kind of model doesn’t require the best sturdiness because it doesn’t take responsibility for offering the weather shelter. Naturally, all outdoor dog houses are perfect to use inside.

How to choose the best dog houses:

Nowadays, many dog owners prefer a cute and appealing model that comes with the interior design of the family house. Even on the market, there are several mimic home designs such as mock Tudor architecture or mansion. However, the look is not the only feature to find out the dog house. Below are others you must keep in mind:


Among all the best dog houses, there is no an exact size for all dog. You just can choose a suitable size that can provide enough space for your dog to move around, stand up, sit even lie down freely. The entrance is designed free-fuss and straightforward.Don’t worry that your dog is too big or small. The manufacturer has produced a variety of sizes from small to extra big ones. To know which option is yours, when going to the dog store or visiting any website, you should measure or determine the information of the dimensions such as windows, entrance, doorway, inside space, and height. Then compare them with the height of your dog, you will know if it fits the inside. This tip helps you save time and avoid the unessential hassle of returning product.Perhaps many owners will think that an extra big dog house doesn’t provide a handy benefit excepting allowing it to move more comfortable. However, thanks to ample space, you can store the body heat retention that is an important and essential item to make sure an area as comfortable as possible during the cold season.Also, consider how many dogs do you have? A single dog house doesn’t suit 2 big dogs. In case you own more than one dog or some little dog breeds, on the market, there are appropriate models for two.


If you select the right stuff, you both have a model with good structure and provide your dog the best comfort and security. In the area with extreme climate, the dog house you choose must get great insulation to fight temperature as well as the exterior elements. There are a lot of materials, but you can consider 2 main ones: wood and plastic:

The plastic dog house:

In case, you live in an area with the regular wet seasons, a plastic dog house is an ideal option due to its water-proof, peat-proof, decay-proof, and robust features. Besides, you can use it to travel with your dog because the lightweight, portable design makes it move quickly.Compared to a wooden dog house, it’s easier even for beginners to set up a plastic model because you need to snap a few big pieces together without the support of any tools and labor. However, there is a drawback that is a plastic dog house can’t reach aestheticism with the less appealing look. More importantly, it lacks the insulation property.

The wooden dog house:

Wood material is not only durable but also non-toxic paint, and pet-friendly. The wooden dog houses are designed lightly with the decay-proof, water-proofed, and pest-proof features.On the surface of the wood, the manufacturer drills some tiny air holes for the better airflow circulation and insulation. So, it’s best to fight the too hot climate in summer and too cold weather in winter. The natural wood scent contributes to creating a comfortable and calming environment for your dog. If you are looking for an appealing model with the outstanding features, a wooden dog house is a perfect option.However, wood also has its drawbacks: heaviness, for example. Moreover, after buying a wooden dog house, you have to plan a maintenance schedule to remain its sturdiness over time. I don’t highly recommend wood for dog lovers of scratching and chewing because it can’t stand these regular things. In particular, you may put your dog in danger since the damaged fragments can cause the potential injury.

The metal dog house:

Usually, owners use metal model for trips with their dog in place of considering it as a permanent shelter. Specifically, metal means aluminum or steel.If a metal dog house is your choice, you should know that metal doesn’t have the insulation capacity. Thus, it’s essential to add the new insulators. What’s more, in a dog house, there is usually liquid elements which can lead to rusting when contacting the stainless material.When it comes to benefits, the metal keeps the dog house away from scratching, chewing and biting mainly it isn’t rotting and decaying over time. Like wood, the metal dog house is pretty substantial, and it’s not a budget-friendly choice. However, this type of product isn’t favorite in the market because dogs don’t feel comfortable when living inside.

The canvas dog house:

The most significant benefit of a canvas dog house is the portable and lightweight features, so it suits when you want to travel with your dog. Ideally, it has shade from the sun and keeps your dog away from UV. However, it is just considered as a temporary tent. You can’t require sturdiness and insulation.

The typical features of a standard dog house:

If you have already a list of your favorite dog houses, now, you have to put them on a comparable table to know what is the best choice for your dog.


Dogs love the elevated dog houses. In particular, if you keep it outside in a pretty wet area, you have to make sure that its home is elevated from the ground. This helps keep the whole doghouse and everything inside away from the damp condition. Moreover, an elevated model provides a better circulation of airflow. Apart from the wet ground in the rainy season, this kind of design protects the whole house away from the direct contact with heat.

Sloped roof:

This element is essential if you keep your dog outside. It provides the maximum protection to fight the exterior conditions. For example, sloped roof lets all liquid, snow, or dead leaves flow down to the ground. Thanks to the particular structure, the air circulation inside is also better. In case these features are what you care, I strongly recommend an igloo dog house.

Play space:

Some dog houses such as a ladder with balcony and a front porch are designed extra play space for your dog. A few owners think this is a waste. However, others love these small add-ons to provide their dogs with the entertainment.


The uneven surface of flooring requires you to invest in good bedding. This is also a helpful item to offer your dog a safe environment and keep it warm during the cold months.


A house without vents can obstruct the air circulation, causing a little suffocating for your dog. It’s very essential to pick up a model with the airflow which allows hot air out and cold air in or vice versa. Furthermore, to make sure the house is fresh at all the times, there must be vents to clear out the build-up of the smell inside.

Easy-to-clean feature:

An easy-to-clean model means allowing users to separate and assemble the bottom and the roof quickly because you will need to dismantle and put them together very often.


Doors must reach the standard of protecting everything inside of the house away from the elements of weather. Door functions as a cover, preventing the unexpected things enter the dog house.


First of all, you have to determine the climate where you live. It will let you know if you should purchase a model with insulation. No matter what happens outside, the insulation ensures the inside functions correctly as what they should. You had better consider this element if wanting to provide your dog environment as comfortable as possible. The wood material can bring the best insulation. Besides, a plastic dog house with the insulated panels is also right.

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I hope this article has help you with deciding on the best dog house for your dog. Please leave a comment below.


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