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Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

can dogs eat greek yogurt

If you are going to compare Greek yogurt to standard or regular yogurt, you will find out that the former contains more protein. In fact, this is the very reason why many pet parents like sharing Greek yogurt with their dogs. Not to mention also that this type of yogurt is rich in probiotics.

Is it safe for dogs to eat Greek yogurt? Well, there is nothing to worry about when you feed Greek yogurt to your dog. However, there is one crucial thing that you need to be reminded of. Greek yogurt is still considered a dairy product.

safe for dogs to eat

Yes, dogs can eat greek yogurt in moderation, occasionally.

Giving your dog a small amount of greek yogurt is a great way to provide the probiotic benefits and aids in digestion. Make sure your dog is not lactose intolerant. I like to add a teaspoon of greek yogurt to Sassy’s breakfast. 

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt: The Best Advice

Even when this yogurt comes with lesser lactose content, it is more likely that the stomach of your dog will undoubtedly disagree with this kind of food.

Nevertheless, a small amount of it can be given to your furry friend without overthinking about getting him/her harmed.

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What you just need to remember is this: make sure to give your dog a small portion, and he or she is good to go. But you also need to find some better and more effective ways to get your dog’s digestion to become improved than ever.

Giving Greek Yogurt to Your Dog: Doing it in Moderation

can dogs eat greek yogurt

When you say “moderation” this just means that a particular food item such as Greek yogurt should be given with certain limits. Say, you can provide this type of yogurt occasionally or make it as an occasional treat only.

Even when Greek yogurt contains a higher level of protein content, this does not necessarily mean that it is already fit for your dog’s diet. In fact, this also goes to all kinds of dairy products.

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Thus, Greek yogurt should only be given to your dog as a special treat even when you see that your pet handles this food quite well. If you want to give your dog the right amount of bacterial cultures because of their digestive benefits, what you need to do is to find a good source of canine probiotics.

As of the present days, vets can provide you with a handful of information about food products that can contain your pooch probiotics that can keep their digestion healthy and working correctly.

Greek Yogurt versus Standard Yogurt for dogs

can dogs eat greek yogurt

When it comes to health benefits, Greek yogurt can provide more of these than regular yogurt. In short, Greek yogurt is a much healthier choice than a regular type of yogurt.

This is true to the fact that Greek yogurt contains less lactose, whey, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates. Despite the natural form of Greek yogurt, it has more protein content than a standard or regular yogurt.

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On the other hand, Greek yogurt also contains less calcium and potassium. But in totality, Greek yogurt is a more appropriate choice for your dog than standard yogurt.

What are the Benefits of Yogurt’s Probiotics?

happy puppy

Theoretically, Greek yogurt can enhance the digestion of your pet dog. It has what is known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, a live strand of bacteria that is good for the health of your dog’s gut. However, this kind of microorganism is not only found in Greek yogurt but in many other sources as well.

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Generally, all types of yogurts contain probiotics that help in the improvement of the immune system of a dog. So as for you to achieve the positive effects of probiotics, it is essential to be consistent in giving probiotics to your dog.

Greek Yogurt for Dogs: Still Debatable

Even when Greek yogurt has essential properties which are not only good for humans but for dogs as well, this does not necessarily mean that such kind of yogurt is bombarded as an excellent kind of food for pooches. It is repeatedly stressed that this kind of yogurt is still considered a dairy food product.

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In addition, it also does not make any sense giving your dog something that can cost you much. So, instead of providing a costly Greek yogurt to your beloved dog, a non-dairy high-quality probiotic that is designed primarily for dogs is a much better alternative.

Give it as a treat to your dog

giving treat to puppy

According to nutritionists, Greek yogurt has low-calorie content. This reality is a plus for you since feeding your dog with this kind of yogurt won’t make him or her sluggish.

Give it to your dog as a light snack and should be given once in a while. This is okay especially when you sense that your dog has the strength to handle moderate levels of lactose.

Greek yogurt is creamy, yet it contains low carb count. It is definitely a nutritious treat for both dogs and pet owners. But always keep in mind to limit the size or amount given to your dog, much like with fermented kefir and cottage cheese.

In all cases, try to be very conservative when it comes to giving certain kinds of food to your dog. Remember that it is essential to be safe than be sorry.

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For how many times have you heard of pet parents crying over what has happened to their dogs just because they fed them with foods that they do not know much? You don’t want to be in that situation too, do you?

Greek Yogurt and Dogs: the Conclusion

Giving safe foods to your dog is one of your responsibilities as a pet owner. Giving him/her the wrong food can bring him to the vet clinic’s hospital bed. Taking the time to learn about the Dos and Don’ts of foods for dogs should be given priority.

This time, you have learned that Greek yogurt is not actually sorry for your dog especially when it is given occasionally and in moderation.

This is also true when the stomach of your pet also agrees with this type of yogurt. Aside from the fact that this type of yogurt has much probiotic content, it is also packed with protein to help your dog become healthier and stronger.

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But like what is being repeatedly said, it pays to limit Greek yogurt to a special treat for your beloved pooch to ensure safety and good health.

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can dogs eat greek yogurt


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