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Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk?

can dogs eat almond milk
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)

Most animals that are born, especially mammals are created and designed to suck and drink milk from their mothers. This proves to be true when these animals are still small and only depend on their moms that secrete milk naturally to provide a source of food for their little ones.

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As these animals age or mature in time, they no longer have what is known as lactase enzyme which is highly required to them in large quantities to digest and break down milk’s lactose content.

safe for dogs to eat

Yes, dogs can drink almond milk in moderation.

‚ÄčPuppies should never drink almond milk. Dogs should never drink almond milk with sweeteners, raisins or chocolate as these are toxic and can make you dog extremely sick or even cause death.

Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk? Know the Reasons Why

As most people know, drinking milk is a healthy habit for humans, but the big question is this: are all milk products suitable for pet consumption? Are milk products such as almond milk good for dogs?

Technically speaking, pets like dogs can drink almond milk. But you have to bear on your mind that almond milk should not be given to dogs of all ages. Newborn puppies should not feast on almond milk.

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It should also be understood that almond milk that contains raisins, chocolate, and other extra ingredients like sweeteners can become dangerous to the health of your dog.

Dogs and Almond Milk: Why Can’t they Work Together?

can dogs drink almond milk

Almond when taken in their pure and natural form often causes upset stomachs in dogs. This is since almonds are not made for dogs merely because they find it hard to digest this kind of food. 

If you happen to ingest a large amount of almond into your dog’s diet, it is more likely that they will suffer from diarrhea and vomiting after.

In case you are not aware, dogs have a digestive system that is designed to digest and break down certain types of foods efficiently. These foods usually include foods that are rich in protein and less in carbohydrate content.

On the other hand, if you feel guilty of not giving your dog a taste of delicious almond milk you need to make sure first that the almond content of the milk should be given to your furry friend in a more diluted form.

In fact, an ounce of almond milk is unlikely to contain more than enough almonds. If your pet drinks a small amount of almond milk regularly and you happen to see that there are no allergic reactions taking place, this should make you feel ok and comfortable as your dog doesn’t tend to have any problem.

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Is Almond Milk Beneficial to Dogs?

While milk is known for its health benefits, this does not necessarily mean that almond milk is useful and beneficial to your dog. As a matter of fact, a dog will never have any benefit from drinking this variety of milk.

Aside from the fact that almond milk is more expensive than the usual or plain milk, you should also know that giving almond milk to your dog is something that will not help your pet in any manner.

Now if your pet gets a considerable quantity of almond milk, it is more likely that it will lack in other nutritional aspects due to nutritional imbalance.

By the way, giving almond butter to your dog is also not a good idea either. This food item also contains almonds that your dog may find it hard to digest, too. Thus, never ever give any foodstuff that includes almonds as this could trigger the health of your pet, making you feeling worried and troubled along the way.

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Unsweetened and Original almond Milk for Dogs

can dogs drink almond milk

You can give almond milk to your beloved pet as long as you take note of these two important reminders:

  • Almond milk that you provide to your dog should be in its original form. This means that it has no sweeteners and other additives.
  • Almond milk should be given to dogs only in small quantities to avoid stomach upset and other cases such as vomiting and diarrhea.

If you are thinking about adding almond milk to the diet of your dog, you need to be extra cautious with the ones which are modified. This means that these are almond milk products that contain coconut, vanilla, chocolate, etc.

These milk products often come with extra additives like sweeteners in the form of xylitol which happens to be some kind of poison or toxin to dogs. If your pet happens to have drunk much any of these almond milk products, what you need to do is call a vet right away.

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Can You Give Almond Milk to Puppies?

If you happen to be weaning puppies at home, do not be tempted to give them almond milk. It should be noted here that any mammal including puppies should be allowed to grow with the aid of milk that comes from their mother.

Puppies should be weaned off soft foods as they grow older. Now if the mother dog is not capable of producing enough milk to sustain the needs of her puppies, you can use special puppy formula milk as a substitute. Special formula puppy milk often contains all the required nutrients needed by growing puppies, allowing them to become stronger and healthier.

Like what has been mentioned, dogs and regular cow’s milk do not have a good relationship as they do not go along well together. This is because dogs often have a condition called lactose intolerance. Now if your dog seems to like the taste of milk, you might want to try goat’s milk instead.

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Almond Milk and Dogs: Conclusion

Generally, giving your dog a small amount of all-natural almond milk does not cause anything to worry about. But if you are cautious and extra concern about your dog’s health and would not want him or her to suffer from any discomfort, get rid of almond milk at once. 

Almond milk does not have nutritional value. Look around, and you will find more treats that your dog can benefit from.

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can dogs eat almond milk


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