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Can Dogs Have Tums? What You Need to Know!

By Liz / October 15, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Tums? Take it from the ExpertWhen it comes to food, dogs are basically aggressive. In fact, they chew and even eat whatever they encounter on their way. This makes a problematic situation for pet parents especially when they find it hard to guard the safety of their dogs all the time.But as […]


Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Discover the Truth!

By Liz / October 15, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Discover the Truth About Dogs and NutellaNo, dogs should not eat Nutella. When it comes to spread, Nutella is one of the most popular all over the world. And since it’s a favorite food item found in most groceries, supermarkets, and homes, it is essential to know whether or not it […]


Can Dogs Eat This? What You Need to Know!

By Liz / October 12, 2018

Avocados​Answer: Yes, dogs can eat avocados.Warning: Many Vets will tell you that avocados are unsafe to eat because they contain persin, which is toxic to birds. Be sure to remove the pit as it posses a chocking hazard. For More Information: Can Dogs Eat Avocados? Good or Bad for Dogs!Bacon​Answer: Yes, dogs can eat in […]


Can Dogs Eat Black Olives? What You Need to Know!

By Liz / October 11, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Black Olives? Important Pointers You Should KnowAre you thinking about making a salad topped with some olive oil today? Or you must be thinking about making a sandwich with some olive fillings or having a pizza topped with olives? These situations can trigger your four-legged friend to eye on you, doing those […]


Can Dogs Eat Wild Rice? Good or Bad for Dogs

By Liz / September 26, 2018

Yes, dogs can eat wild rice. Proper nutrition is essential to your dog’s health, ensuring that your canine friend is healthy, active, and free from disease. Dogs are mostly carnivorous which means that they do best on a diet that provides a large amount of meat and other types of animal proteins.However, research has shown […]


Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup? What you need to Know!

By Liz / September 23, 2018

While maple syrup is not toxic to dogs, it can make them sick and cause other health-related issues such as obesity and diabetes.The simple answer is yes. Dogs can eat maple syrup. We’re not talking about maple flavored syrup made from corn syrup and artificial flavoring. Real maple syrup made from the sap of the […]


Can Dogs Eat Oranges? The Surprising Truth!

By Liz / September 21, 2018

Can dogs eat oranges? Yes, dogs can eat oranges. We all love to share our food with our pets. Oranges are no different. Dogs can eat oranges in moderation without concerns. Puppies may experience some gastric upset as they have sensitive stomachs.Oranges are a healthy natural alternative to processed dog treats. They are not toxic […]


Can Dogs Eat Spam? Absolutely Not!

By Liz / September 19, 2018

Human food high in sodium is toxic to dogs. Spam is high in salt and saturated fats. Dogs should never be feed Spam. The answer to the question “Can dogs eat Spam?” is a definite no. Salt is not healthy for humans, and it is even worse for dogs.No, Dogs should never eat Spam.  ​It […]


Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? What you need to Know

By Liz / September 11, 2018

The simple answer to the question, can my dog eat popcorn is YES. Movie Nights for us is on Tuesday, where we snuggle on the couch with a cozy blanket and share a large bowl of salted butter popcorn, red vines, and our favorite beverage. Yes, dogs can eat popcorn.  Plain popcorn is fine in moderation. Any […]


Puppies Coughing & Gagging: 11 Causes And Treatments

By Liz / September 7, 2018

Coughing in your dog is just a natural response of the body to remove something which is irritating the airway. Usually, the reasons for puppies coughing & gagging are their tight collar or eating, drinking too fast. However, if this repeats persistent and regular, even after reducing, it recurs, that may be an indicator of […]

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