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Airplane Tips When Traveling With Pets

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So you want to travel with your pet? It’s a little bit traumatic and exciting experience for both of you. You may be wondering why I am saying so. Is it right?

Although pets are our part of the family, they may never respond friendly during flying. Again, it might be a terrible experience for him to deal with.

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Different kinds of problems can evoke the experience towards a stressful situation. Thankfully, there are still some good advice and tips to make your journey smooth and comfortable.

Here, we have gathered some helpful and comprehensive airplane tips when traveling with pets. If you follow them one by one, the journey should not be bothersome for you with your dear puppy.

Airplane tips when traveling with pets:

Sometimes, you can’t ignore the necessity of traveling with your pet on airlines. As there are some rules and regulations need to be followed strictly, it is undoubtedly a hazardous and risky task for every pet owner. 

To make you ease in traveling with pets, we are going to share some stunning tips with you to maintain during that time.

Make a query on the airline whether pets are allowed for traveling or not:

air travel with dog

This is the number 1 question must arise on your mind. Did you ask yourself like this? If not, this is still okay. As many destinations never allow dogs and cats, you need to check it correctly from the airline. Hawaii maintains a quarantine time for pets for about two months.

Moreover, the majority of the airlines limits about the eligibility of pet traveling as there are issues about weight and other things.

So, you must know the airline policies related to pet travel. Query about if there are any restrictions or not. Instead, it will be a wiser decision for you.

If you didn’t check it on time, your efforts of taking preparation wouldn’t have any value then.

Take extra money with you:

Unexpected money bills can add up to your regular cost when you are traveling with pets. When he gets hungry, you need to buy foods for him. This will curtail money from your pocket.

Moreover, in the hotel or air flying, it might cost you surcharges for the pets. The cost range might vary from place to place. Keep this factor in your mind. Otherwise, how can you manage it in another country?

Visit your veterinarian to check the current fitness of your pet:


Seeing the title, you might be laughing.

‘’Why should I check my pet’s fitness instead of me’’?

Are you thinking like this?

Relax, I am just kidding with you. I know you are aware of this fact. Still, I am making you remember it.

Before flying, you should consult a veterinarian for an inquiry about the health condition of your dog or cat. It will be entirely an excellent decision for you. This check out should leave an enormous impact on your journey.

Never push your pets to go through a terrible journey when he is poor in fitness level. Snub nose pets are not allowed taking for flying in the airplane as they face breathing problems. Most of the airlines never allow it.

That’s why checking it before your journey is much needed. Eventually, it will help you know your pet’s ability to respond according to body temperature and capacity of enduring a long journey too.

Choose a suitable carrier that fits your pet perfectly:

cat in pet carrier

There you will find a container almost two categories. They are basically hard and soft one. Soft-sided containers will perfectly fit with your dogs or cats. You can use wireless dog fence to keep them within the boundary.

Nevertheless, they are easy to carry. Make sure it is right in size. In fact, it ensures a comfortable sleep for your pet. It has to have good airflow system with healthy living. After all, security is more important for your pet, isn’t it?

The carriers should be larger with enough space. Your pet should feel comfortable with standing, roaming or lying down in it.

Put an identification level on the container:

Once you have finished buying the right pet carrier with the perfect size and well ventilation, it is necessary to tag an identity on it. If he is lost in any way in the mid of the travel time, chances are more to get him back again. Now, what should you include in the id?

Your home address, phone number are the primary objects to be written on the pet container clearly and error free. You can add your pet’s name too. If possible, take a current photograph of your puppy. In fact, it makes your work easier to look for him if he is missing in any chance.

Pack necessary items for your pet in his suitcase:

air travel with dog

Doesn’t it sound funny?You are already bothered packing luggage for you. Now you will have to pack another one for your pets? Albeit it sounds funnier, it is essential to do. Hence, you shouldn’t forget about it. Here is a list what is required for your pet in the airplane traveling.

  • Medical certificate about his health from the professional veterinarian
  • Necessary information to identify him correctly
  • Anti-bark collar if necessary
  • Soft towels
  • Enough pet dishes and water
  • A leash, brush, comb, etc
  • His toys to play and blanket to sleep

Book the ticket as early as possible:

booking travel

As you know, there is variation in every airline policies. Major airlines permit one or two dogs to take with you.

So, it seems to be in great need of booking your pet’s ticket as early as possible. Before that, make sure there is an available seat for your dog while flying.

Air ticket booking is not just a walk in the park in reality. It curtails a significant amount of money from your pocket.

Why should you invest your hard-earned money on something that is not valid for your dog?

You can call the airline and make a confirmation. Moreover, you should reserve seats for you and your pets.

Direct fly is better for both of you:

air travel with dog

A non-stop air flying is suitable for both of your comfort. Weekdays are the best choice regarding it. It won’t bother both of you. 

If you are using a cargo hold for packing your pet, choose morning or evening time to fly in the summer season. 

It allows relief from the excessively hot weather. Or you can select midday when it is winter.

Reach on time:

air travel with dog

Punctuality is welcome everywhere. When it comes to Airport, it is a must to have for you. Reach the airport as early as possible. It does require a health check for your pet when you are traveling with him.

At the counter, both of you should be checked and be ready for it. You accomplish other formalities, it takes time. And you are also making a considerable responsibility for your dog. That’s why it is better for you to arrive timely at the airport.

Take great care of your pet:

Pets can’t communicate with you in English. As you are his closest companion, he can expect a little attention from you. You need to understand his meaning of signs seeing his eyes and posture.

During travel time, he might feel uneasy. In that case, you need to make him relax as like as your dad cared for you when you were a kid and initiated a journey for the first time.

Make sure he is not on a full stomach during travel. Later, it makes him quite uncomfortable. Better to feed him 4 hours earlier before airplane traveling.

You can make him drink water on the journey time. Exercising will be highly beneficial for your pet health before traveling. It makes him animated with freshness and a lot of energy. Proper workouts might make him relieve from anxieties as he is a susceptible animal.

Never use a sedative on your pet:

It’s quite normal. But excessive nervousness sometimes may lead you to follow optional way. Yes, I am talking about using the sedative. Many dog owners are afraid of handling the sudden excitement of his/her pet.

That’s why they try to use tranquilizer before flying. In most cases, they are harmful to the health of your pet. They can hinder his respiratory system and cause massive damage to cardiovascular functions.

Ultimately, pets fail to maintain keeping balance properly. Better you don’t use it. If it is recommended by the veterinarian for your pet’s health, you can use it showing the written prescription of it.

You may want to consider using CBD oil for dogs from Amazon is your pet has anxiety when travelling.

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Make your pet feel at ease:

Flying is not easy for humans. How it will be for your pet think about it. Your dog or cat whatever it mostly depends on you. By the time, you play a role of his master. Now you need to act like a father figure.

As what I say, you can keep him in your virtual touch providing a shirt that smells exactly like you. Nevertheless, your used blanket will be comforting for him.

Remember, you can use the blanket when it is winter. Otherwise, he can feel discomfort. Again, you give him his favorite toys to divert his mood.

Monitor your pet’s needs:

In this long-term journey, he might need to be hydrated. Keep caring concern for your pet time to time. You must limit the water intake slightly.

He may need to relieve his stomach during flight. Before the trip, make sure he already completed it. Some airports own dog relief places. You can use it also.

Go for a walk after arriving:

taking dog for a walk

After reaching your destination, you should have a long walk with your pet. After all, it’s a long journey. He can feel casual comfort after the trip during the walk.

Besides, new surroundings may wonder him for some moment. Walking with you makes him feel a bit of relaxing. He needs some time to cope with the new environment.

Some additional tips to maintain during the trip:

  • Never allow your dog to stick its head out of the airplane window. Hence, it may cause severe damage to his ears or lungs.
  • Along with identification tag, you should include the name of your destination place.
  • After your arrival at the desired destination, try to open the pet container as soon as possible. Check everything is okay or not. If you find anything wrong, take him immediately to a veterinarian.
  • The nails of your pet should be excluded. It prevents them from making a scratch on the living carrier.
  • Once you decide to fly with your dog, you should make proper plans to make your trip comfortable. Buy the pet carrier at least about a month ago of the upcoming flight. Introduce him to it to minimize his/her stress level. To provoke him, you can use his favorite toys or familiar scent as a weapon.
  • Keep checking whether your pet is being overloaded or not under the cabin. If you feel so, keep communicating with a flight attendant.
  • Don’t panic at all while traveling in Airplane with your pet. You should successfully manage the whole procedure as you mare the head of the journey.


Airplane Tips when traveling with pets are essential to follow. After all, it’s a long tiring journey as well as a responsibility of yours too. The world of your pet is being limited to you and your home. He doesn’t know anything else apart from you.

Should you allow any bad incidents happen to your dog? Not at all, Right? That’s why we have concern for you and him. In this article, we have shared the so far knowledge you should have before travel.

Besides, we have also enlisted some extra tips for you and your pet’s convenience. If you agree to follow them, we sincerely expect that you must have an enjoyable and memorable trip with your pet.


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