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14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

It is scary how much our views have changed in regards to pets and what can be classed as one.

Go back just 20 years and the idea of owning anything reptilian – snake, lizard, chameleon etc. – gave people pause for thought. However, these days there appears to be a growing trend amongst pet owners, over who can own the strangest pet.

Take the examples below…

Whilst some are restricted to the animal’s place of origin; what is really unnerving is how many are actually quite dangerous to own.

14 Strange Animals Kept as Pets


14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

That’s right! This fellow is now considered pet material. Obviously, it is possible to have their venom removed; however, their stinger still comes with quite a bite.

Bearded Dragon:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Bearded Dragon is given how popular snakes and other reptiles are, owning a Bearded Dragon should not be that strange; however they are still appear to be an acquired taste.

Sugar Glider:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

You wouldn’t think it, but it is now legal to own this cute little fellow. Just a word of caution though – beyond its ability to ‘fly’, Sugar Glider’s also require a lot of space; prefer to live in pairs, and have got a reputation for marking their territory.

Hissing Cockroach:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

If you love bugs, then this little guy is right up your street. Freak out your friends with these bugs. Not only are they ugly but make a really strange hissing sound.


14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

We’ve all put a little food out for hedgehogs when we’ve spotted them in the garden; however, people are taking this desire to help them one step further and are choosing to have them as pets.

I have to admit, these little guys are incredibly cute, so owning one wouldn’t be a hardship. All you need to remember is – these are naturally nocturnal creatures, so they are likely to sleep whilst you’re awake and vice versa. Food wise – you can either let them munch on insects from your garden, or you can buy them special mixes from the pet shop.

Burmese Python:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Whilst snakes are quite a popular pet, owning this particular one will still earn it a ‘strange’ status, as not only can they grow up to 17 feet in length, they are known to eat lesser animals whole (including cats). As a result, we strongly recommend that should you choose to get a Burmese python, you make this fellow your only pet.

Fennec Fox:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Thanks to its cute, Pokémon like features, this fox has jumped onto the pet list. However, despite its adorable face and size; Fennec foxes are not a suitable pets. Not only do they struggle to adapt to captivity, they also don’t bond well with people.


14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

A close relation of the raccoon, these fellows are far from being the ideal pet. Alongside disliking light and noise, they are adverse to sudden movements, and are also known to carry roundworm which can be fatal to other species.


14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Despite their stinky reputation, skunks are actually quite friendly. The trick is to make sure you remove their scent glands when they are 4 weeks old and that you handle them regularly (whilst they are young), to ensure they bond to you.


14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Whilst the Serval may look like a cat, this creature can typically be found on the plains of Africa.


14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Cousins to the kangaroo, Wallabies are quite popular pets in Australia. However, it is important to note that these guys are far from small. Not only can they reach up to 6 feet in height, they also need a lot of space and can be finicky.

Squirrel Monkey:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Small, cute and cuddly, they look to be the perfect pets; yet in actuality, they are more than likely to make YOU the pet in their fight for alpha status. From yelling, hitting and stealing your food, to being hard to house train, these wild creatures are far from being fun and games.

Miniature Donkeys:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Whilst most of us think of donkeys as belonging on farms; miniature donkeys are a popular pet in America as they are known to be affectionate, good with children and only grow to 3 feet tall.

Potbellied pigs:

14 Strange Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Much like their miniature counterparts, potbellied pigs are easy to care for and train; are incredibly clean (odour-free) and are very affectionate. My friends parents have 2 potbelly pigs that have a room to themselves.  Most people think pigs are dirty but its far from the truth.

Final Thoughts

Whether the pet you want belongs on the ‘strange’ list or the traditional list; before you buy any pet it is important that you do your research first.

From their dietary requirements and living preferences, to the best ways to handle/bond with them… it is essential that you learn the ins and outs of these creatures, so you can offer them the best quality of life.


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