How To Find The Right Pet Sitter! [Ultimate Guide]

Finding the right pet sitter requires research, but the process doesn’t have to be difficult.

It’s vacation! Time to book your tickets, find a hotel, and plan your itinerary. Above all else, you need to find a sitter for your pet. 

The planning can be stressful, but with these tips, finding the right pet sitter for your pet is one less thing to take care of.

If you know other pet owners that use pet sitters or walkers, you may want to ask them if they have any suggestions. Ask what makes a good pet sitter or walker. 

Since this may be your first time looking for someone to take care of your lovely pet, we all know you only want the best person for the job. 

A referral from a trust friend or family member who has used a pet sitter service goes a long way. When going a way for a weekend, I ask sister or parents if they can take care of Sassy.  Luck for her, I've never been gone for more than a couple days.

Communicate what you need:

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Different animals require different types of attention. Nobody knows your pet better than you do, make sure your pet sitter takes care of your needs. A dog needs different care than a cat. 

Do you want someone who has experience taking care of puppies as well as older dogs? For a cat, would you rather have somebody to stay at your house, or do they need to come each day to change the litter boxes? Are you going to need somebody who can administer medication?

If you have reptiles or rodents, you’ll want to provide the sitter with details for their care. Rabbits have litter boxes that need to cleaned as often as a cat’s. Some reptiles only eat every few days but always need fresh water.

Let the pet sitter know if your dog has any medical conditions and if they have any issues dealing with it. Pets come in any different forms as do pet sitters.  Be sure to search for one that only does dogs.

Meet with the sitter first:

finding the right pet sitter

It’s important to schedule a visit with a potential sitter before committing to them so you can observe how they interact with your pet. If you have a dog, it’s safest to meet in a public area like the park. 

However, if they’ll eventually be boarding with the sitter, bring the dog over to their house after the initial meeting to make sure you are comfortable with your animal being there. 

If you’re looking for a sitter to stay at your home, schedule the follow-up meeting there. For cats or other pets, walk them through exactly what you want them to do, and have them practice while you’re there.

You both have to be comfortable with each other, so don’t pressure them to accept the job. Your animal’s safety is in the sitter's hands, so they have to feel like it’s the right situation.

Research Prices:

finding the right pet sitter

Most sitters set their rates, so ask questions to make sure you understand what services you’re getting. Will it be pricier to have the sitter stay at your house to watch your cat than it is for them to stop by every day?

How long will it take them to clean out a reptile or rodent cage? How many walks will your dog get each day? Do they account for the time it takes to get to your house?

If you follow the above tips, you should be able to have a fun, relaxing vacation, knowing your pet is receiving the best care!

Signs of a Quality Pet Sitter:

There are some things you should look for. Don't want to waste your time contacting a sitter who does not have the right credentials.

  • Ensure they have liability insurance
  • Should have formal training
  • In case of emergency, they have direct contact with the local Vet
  • Make sure a pet sitter provides references. You do not want to hire anyone without contacting past clients first. A pet sitter will have access to your home. You want a list of people who can confirm the legitimacy of a potential sitter
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