Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket?

Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket?
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)

You may be asking yourself if you Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket? Should I? Shouldn’t I? What’s the correct answer? 

The truth is, there isn’t one answer because it all depends on what type of blanket you are using and why you are covering the crate in the first place.

If your goal is to keep an older pup warm at night, then yes, this would be a good idea; however, if your goal is to protect your home from pet hair or prevent accidents indoors when potty training, then maybe not so much, keep reading to see if you need to cover the crate at night.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Why Would You Cover Your Dog’s Crate?
  • Should I cover my dog crate with a blanket?
  • Is it safe to cover a dog’s crate?
  • When should you not cover your dog’s crate?
  • How do you get a dog used to a covered crate?
  • When should you cover the dog crate?
  • How to choose a safe crate cover?
  • Dangers Of Covering Your Dog’s Crate With A Blanket
  • Advantages Of A Commercial Crate Cover Instead Of Covering A Crate
Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket

Should You Cover A Dog Crate With A Blanket

If you think that your dog could benefit from a covered crate but aren’t entirely sure, there are a few things to consider which may help you make the right decision. Placing a cover over the crate is meant to replicate the sense of a cave.

For example, if your dog has separation anxiety, which causes them to vocalize while you’re gone, then having a cover might help reduce some of this noise by creating an enclosed space. 

Or, if they suffer from thunderstorms or fireworks anxiety, a blanket over the crate might help to reduce some of the noise they make as well. Placing a blanket or small cover over the crate can help create a den-like place for your dog to limit distractions in the room. 

Think of it this way, having a blanket over your dog’s crate gives them a place of security and calmness. It’s similar to you locking the front door when you come home and go to sleep at night.

Crate cover features

  • Provides A Sense Of Security
  • Creates A Dark Area Which Makes Sleeping Easier
  • Helps Reduce Anxiety
  • Reduces Barking From Easily Excitable Dogs
  • Signals That It Is Bed Time
  • Dampens Noises For Sound Sensitive Dogs

Types of Dog Crates:

  • Plastic crates
  • Wire crates
  • Hard covered crates
  • travel crates
  • Commercial crates

What Are Den Animals?

Den animals are creatures who live in dens, which can be a cave or an underground burrow. A den is what you might call a ‘nest’ that these animals have made for themselves to sleep and raise their families in.

Den animals include the Arctic fox, the common raccoon, skunks, woodchucks (also known as groundhogs), badgers, and wolverines.

dog in covered crate

Should I cover my dog crate with a blanket?

In some cases, leaving the crate uncovered is a better idea. In other situations, you might want to consider covering it with a blanket or towel because of your dog’s preferences and needs.

Let’s look at both options more closely so that you can decide which one works best for your pup! Covering the crate with a blanket provides your puppy a place to go and sleep during the day or at night. 

My daughter’s dog, Jimmy, hasn’t had his afternoon naps in his crate, which is covered. It has lots of ventilation from the front back and on the sites.

It would be best to never put your dog in the crate as punishment for doing something wrong, as he will relate that crate to punishment instead of a place of refuge.

Is it safe to cover a dog’s crate?

Always keep Blankets and bedding away from heat sources; ensure that the fabric is breathable. It would be best if you also avoided knit blankets as they could potentially be a choking hazard.

Although during the heat of the summer, it is not advisable to cover the crate with a blanket, you could use a thin breathable sheet instead. Commercial dog crates with attachable covers are another option.

When should you not cover your dog’s crate?

The first thing you should be aware of is never to punish your dog by placing him in the crate. The crate should be a place of comfort, security, and a place to sleep.

When training your dog, always make sure to praise him once he has done the correct behavior. I prefer to leave the crate uncovered during the day and put a cover on it in the evening to signal it’s time for bedtime.

 It allows your dog to go into the crate during the day and still be part of the things happening around it. When you bring your puppy home for the first time and put it in the crate, you may want to leave the cover off so that it’s not stressed out. 

Dogs naturally don’t want to be put in a crate and need to learn that it’s a safe place for it to be. You can use treats or a shirt with your scent on it to comfort that this is a safe place.

How do you get a dog used to a covered crate?

Your dog has been crate trained. You can move onto the next step, training your dog to know that the cover is not something to be afraid of. You can place the blanket on the top folded so that it’s just covering the top and not the sides.

After a while, you can put one of the sides down, most likely the one up against the wall if that’s the situation where the crate is just so that it knows that there’s nothing to be concerned about.

The best time to put the cover on the crate is that night, so your puppy knows it’s a place to sleep.

dog in crate

When should you cover the dog crate?

The best time to cover your dog’s crate is during the evening to provide a safe place to sleep. This will simulate a den lake environment for your puppy when a puppy is between four and eight months.

In addition, it’s a good time for dog training. A new puppy or your first puppy needs time to learn about its surroundings before you crate train.

Should I cover the crate during the day?

I would recommend that you not cover the crate during the day to allow your dog to be part of the family and aware of his surroundings when he is in the crate.

However, if you want to cover it, make sure that the blanket is thin and does not restrict any airflow. Also, make sure he has access to fresh water at all times while in his crate.

Should I cover the crate during the night?

A crate covering at night gives him a place of calmness, security allowing him to sleep through the entire night without any distractions. In the cooler evenings, this also will add some warmth to your dog. However, be sure not to cover and restrict the ventilation of the crate in warmer or hot evenings.

When to skip covers

Skip covering your dog’s crate whenever it is warmer than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs do not sweat and can overheat quite quickly in a hot environment. Therefore, proper ventilation is crucial in ensuring a healthy environment for your puppy.

Best way to cover a dog crate?

A dog crate is a great way to keep your best friend safe and secure. However, while the crate becomes their little haven, it can also get pretty chilly in there. The last thing you want is for them to be uncomfortable while they’re inside or, even worse—cold!

Therefore, you have two options when choosing what type of bedding to put in your dog’s crate. You can either use a blanket or give them something made explicitly for crates, like the best pet bed for small dogs. It’s best to use a blanket as it can be easily replaced and washed.

How long should I keep my dog’s crate covered?

It’s recommended that you keep your dog’s crate covered at night while he is sleeping.

When training, housebreaking, or when the pup has not had their nap of the day, it may be best to leave one side open for ventilation and put a cover on in the evening right before bedtime.Blankets are a great option to use in a dog crate.

They’re easy to wash and replace, which is ideal if your puppy has an accident while inside or gets particularly dirty on one side of the blanket after playing out in the yard all day. 

Don’t forget that you should always check with your local vet before giving any new bedding or apparel to your pet, as there is always a chance that it could be the wrong type.

How to choose a safe crate cover?

A dog crate cover should be breathable and able to withstand everyday wear and tear. You also want to look for a removable fabric that is machine washable, as this can make it easy to keep your dog’s space fresh.

Lastly, the material shouldn’t have any loose threads or parts because these could lead to injury if they were to get caught on your dog’s collar or nails. 

While a blanket might seem like the most natural choice for covering up a crate, it is crucial to keep in mind that many dogs can chew through the fabric and ingest pieces of thread while doing so. 

If you choose to cover with a blanket, make sure it has no loose bits where your dog could catch ahold of it. Crate covers should be made from breathable materials like the ones listed below.

Best Materials for a dog crate cover?

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Bamboo
  • Linen
  • Microfiber

Dangers Of Covering Your Dog’s Crate With A Blanket

  • It creates a dark and humid environment which can be bad for your puppy
  • It makes it more challenging to clean up after accidents
  • Blanket material may increase chances of infection or fleas
  • Blankets may reduce the amount of airflow, which can cause respiratory issues for dogs with heart problems or other breathing conditions

Advantages Of A Commercial Crate Cover Instead Of Covering A Crate

A Commerical crate cover has been tested and proven to be safe for your puppy. They attach right onto the crate and are easy to remove when you need access to your dog inside of its crate.

When training or housebreaking a new pup, these crate covers can help provide more privacy for them until they get used to their surroundings.


One of the main disadvantages of using a blanket to cover your dog’s crate is that it may create a dark and humid environment which can be bad for your puppy. Blankets also make it more challenging to clean up after accidents. In addition, blankets may increase the chances of infection or fleas.

They may reduce airflow, which can cause respiratory issues for dogs with heart problems or other breathing conditions. Finally, blankets are not tested and proven to be safe for your puppies.

The benefits of using a blanket to cover your dog’s crate are that they are easily replaceable and washable, meaning they are easy to keep fresh while your dog is in its crate. Blankets also provide privacy for your puppy when they are training or housebreaking. Dog owners have many options for the type of crates for your puppy. 

A wire crate, plastic crate, and hard-shelled crate are some of the options. When you crate young train puppies, you should start with an uncovered crate, and after he is comfortable with the crate, you can try a partially covered crate. If you’ve linked this article, please share. thanks


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