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Can Dogs Eat Avocados?

can dogs eat avocados

Yes, dogs can eat avocados. Remove the skin and pit before feeding avocado to your dog. The pit posses a chocking hazard. Read my article to get the truth about dogs and avocados.

safe for dogs to eat

Yes, dogs can eat Avocados in moderation with a few precautions. 

Many Vets will tell you that avocados are unsafe to eat because they contain persin. Avocados are safe in moderation as long as you remove the skin and pit which poses a choking hazard.

Can Dogs Eat Avocados? Know These Things First!

Of the many different kinds of foods around the world, avocado happens to be one of the most popular and well-loved by many people. And since vets recommend fruits and vegetables to be added in the diet of dogs, this will inevitably lead you to a question like this: is avocado good for dogs? Obviously, avocado is not only delicious but nutritious as well.

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However, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that avocado fruit is a toxic form of food for animals specifically horses. Now here’s a big deal when it comes to dogs and avocados: avocado is not harmful to dogs especially when it is given in small portions.

However, there are some critical pitfalls that you need to know before giving avocado to your four-legged friends. For one, dogs, like humans do not process foods that are plant-based.

This means that allowing your dog to eat avocado often causes him or her to suffer from an upset stomach or diarrhea. But the most dangerous thing of all is letting your dog eat the fruit’s pit.

You Can Give Avocado to Your Dog Without the Pit

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The good news here is that dogs are more tolerant of avocados than horses. However, like what has been specified a while back, avocados should be given to your dog in small portions.

Being known for its high-fat content, avocados also contain a form of toxin known as persin. You need to play it safe and consider this fruit as a poison to dogs especially when given in large amounts.

Consider it as a requirement to what humans need in their daily diet. But if you want your dog to have a taste of this delicious fruit, you can resort into giving him a type of quality dog food that incorporates the goodness of omega-rich avocados. With such kind of dog food, your pet will have a healthy coat and skin.

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Avocado Peel and Persin Concerns

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Eating avocado does not have to be dangerous or harmful in any way. You just need to be aware of the fact that avocado has a pit that can cause harm to your dog. There are two significant reasons why pits should be eliminated first before giving the fleshy fruit to your pet.

One of the most important reasons why pits should be removed from the fruits is to avoid choking. Of course, you don’t want to see your dog struggling due to the lodged pit in its throat. By removing the pit from the fruit, such obstruction can be easily avoided.

Another important reason why it is a good idea to remove the fruit’s pit first before giving to your dog is to avoid poisoning. The pit of an avocado is known as the source of an oil-soluble compound called persin.

Perhaps, you have already heard of someone or someone’s pet being poisoned because of eating avocado. It’s not actually the flesh of the fruit that poisoned the victim but the persin content of the fruit’s pit. And you also need to remove the skin or peel before serving it to your dog.

Dogs and Fatty Fruits

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The truth is that there is another important reason why you should not include avocado in the diet of your beloved dog. In case you are not aware yet, avocado contains high levels of fat.

Avocado is comparable to soybeans and avocado as far as fat content is concerned. For humans, avocados’ fat content is essential just because it is an agreeable fat.

Nonetheless, too much infusion of guacamole can make your dog suffer from excessive weight gain. Thus, providing too much avocado in your pet’s diet can be detrimental to your dog’s health.

Listening to Other Pet Owners

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Owners of pets are known to be very notorious when it comes to giving and sharing advice. However, such pieces of information coming from these pet owners often come from a minimal perspective.

For one, there are frightening hearsays about avocados that may or may not be detrimental to your pet. Prior to these rumors, veterinarians often resort into browsing the web to help him clear things up.

At any rate, we hope that this has given enough information about the goodness and danger of sharing avocado with your furry friend.


You have all the freedom to give avocado or add this fruit to the diet of your dog. Despite the rumors, there is nothing much to worry about providing this kind of fruit to your furry friend.

You just need to make sure that avocado should be given to your pets in small portions so that they will not have to suffer from terrible stomach conditions like diarrhea and upset stomach.

Avocado contains a toxin called persin, and this is known to be very dangerous to birds and horses as well as your dog especially when it is taken in large quantity.

Persin comes from the seed of the fruit, so it is essential to have the pit removed from the fruit first before giving it to your dog. You also need to remove the skin or peel of the fruit as well to avoid any incident that may take place after your dog eats it.

Of the many different kinds of fruits, avocado is popularly known not only for its delicious flesh but for its high level of fat content too. However, do keep in mind that this fat is of good nature, so there is nothing much to worry about giving it to your dog.

The only thing that you need to remember about this fat-rich fruit is to give your dog small portions of it. Too much infusion of avocado in the diet of your dog can make your dog suffer from excessive weight gain or even obesity.

So, when it comes to avocados and the thought of sharing it with your dog, always make it a point to play it safe all the time if you don’t want to be sorry in the end.

I hope we have been able to address your concern about the question, can dogs eat avocados. Yes, dogs can eat avocados. There is so much miss information on the net.

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